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Making La Grande Boucherie

"One of my favorite stories in the film is about our magnificent glass ceiling and how I discovered it in France before returning to New York. I was getting ready to leave when I decided to make one last stop at François’s shop at Les Puces antique market to finalize some details about a few smaller items that I was buying for the restaurant, and that’s when I saw the marvelous ceiling for the first time. I always think, what if I never went back to Les Puces that day? Would I have never found a piece as grand as that? The glass ceiling I’m so proud to have discovered that day is La Grande Boucherie’s most remarkable ode to classic European culture. It has touched nearly every staple piece of French culture-first, existing as a neighbor to the Opera Garnier and then finding a home at the oldest flea market in Paris, Les Puces, before making its way to the states. Its history and intricate design actualize the effortlessly luxurious Parisian experience that we want our guests to enjoy. It’s only natural that this piece of art serves as the crown jewel of La Grande Boucherie."  Emil Stefkov, Founder & President at The Group.

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